Monday, March 14, 2011

pen head press common search words or are they?

Kirk versus Gorn Classic

star trek lizard
scrabble poetry
boner puns
fifth element girl pics
ginger candy experiment
jupe scrabble
ode to scrabble
penhead bill  
"Ahmed Teleb" Seattle
dragonfly poetry Chase Evans
canine fart vest
duet slam poetry
ode poem about toys
Gillespie's restaurant Valley Junction Oregon
chocolate ginger candy

This blogging is a grand experiment for me.My buddy Kirk suggested I try it several years (ago) before I finally  (actually) pulled the trigger and posted my first post last August about vacationing in beautiful Valley Junction and the sites I saw under a bridge. I kind of like its random topical nature; it accurately reflects the unfocusedness of my mind, which is probably why I didn't become a public school teacher. But I find it amazing that I am able to do bookkeeping and accounting work. That I can poor over columns of numerical without getting bored. Then again boredom has always been a foreign concept to me or at least I rarely ever experienced it and I never knew what it was as a child.

When I discovered the stats page, I became fascinated by how random people stumbled upon this site. It seems inconceivable that anybody at all could find it. It's like winning the lottery. I play and I fancy that I'll win someday, because I'm somehow special or I stand out in some unique way. But that's crazy. Me winning the lottery is nuts. And I am nuts for believing that it is possible. I started playing when the reality of my default GSL's became manifest (I now have $200,000 dollars of fees and interest tacked onto $70,000 of principal. It's doubtful that I'll ever earn enough to pay it back. You can help me out by clicking on ads. I've earned thirty-nine cents thus far. Oh hell...just send me money. I can be a tax collector if you want me too or I can write poems for tips. Send me six words and I'll write you a poem). But I digress.

fifth element girl pics

Keywords. Somehow all those words link to this page through some form of Al Gore magic. (I tried to insert a screen shot of a stats page illustrating keywords used thus far, but that didn't work) There are more, but like a dummy I haven't kept track of them till now. Penhead Bill doesn't quite work, because I rarely refer to myself as Bill in any of these posts. Bill doesn't look as good in print as William does. It's like that scene from the Jerk. "The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here! Nothing! Page 73. Navin R Johnson. I'm in print. I'm somebody now. Things are going to happen to me now!"

If you found this page through any other means besides fb please leave a note as to which search word you used and where you're from. Thanks. I'm just curious is all.


  1. It was good seeing you yesterday, William. I found your site through FB, which I kind of don't have anymore.

  2. Likewise, I always enjoy chatting with you. Are you going through FB withdrawals?

  3. I found Bill in the ocean.

    There we were on a boat in the middle of the ocean. William and I were on the hunt for the big one when all of a sudden the line went taut. Finally the creature came up on our little boat and took a big bite out of it. William tossed me the flare gun and he threw the scuba tank into its mouth. That's when I fired the flare gun.