Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sexting Oedipus on Craigslist... by William James Lindberg

Sexting Oedipus on Craigslist

Performed by William James Lindberg, 10/31/13

A Sestina Example... by William J. Lindberg

Spider Cobweb Frankenstein Witch Eve Curses

A red spider
Crawled down a filament of cobweb
It was a Frankenstein
a witch
that spun magic in the eve
and cast curses

that really cursed
competing spiders
that crept into the eves
of neighboring houses filled with cobwebs
A good witch
Should be able to tell the difference between a Frankenstein

and a Frankenstein
snare woven with curses
brewed by a witch
who can change into a spider
and spin cobwebbing
into all hallows eve,

which was this evening.
It was the most magical night Frau Frankenstein
had experienced. She marveled at her cobweb
dripping with cursed
fibers woven by a tiny red spider
a witch

like her could conjure up in the realm witches.
The evening
was waning into a black widow spidery
night only a Frankenstein
in the line of Frau could write into a kissy cursed
sticky fragrant wall of cobweb.

No one would want to get caught in cobwebs
scented with the breath of a witch’s
The result would be an evening
of torment from Frau Frankenstein’s
army of spiders.

and her little curses were acrobats swinging from cobwebs
only a tiny red spider could navigate. And Frau was a witch
one evening a year cobbled together like an undead Frankenstein.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Dirty Pantoum... by William J Lindberg

Poem Unknowingly read before a lady’s prayer group at an open mic in Everett WA

Performed by William James Lindberg, 10/31/13