Friday, August 9, 2013

A Free Will Astrology Sentence Weave

Free Will Astrology: For the week of August 7, 2013

The key theme this week is relaxed intensification. Be assured that the cosmos is providing you with more slack than usual. Studies show that when you're driving a car, your safest speed is five miles per hour higher than the average rate of traffic. You should stop yourself before you obliterate all boundaries and break all taboos and smash all precedents. The coming weeks would be a good time for you to think about adding a new twist to your nickname or title or self-image.

Is any part of you oppressed and inhibited even though your outward circumstances are technically unconstrained? The next few weeks will be an excellent time to take inventory of these things. One thing you could do is whisper the following provocations in the ear of anyone who would respond well to a dose of boisterous magic: (1) Revelation will trump secrecy. (2) Your imagination is far more potent and dynamic than you realize—especially right now. (3) Feel a generous acceptance for the messy beauty you're embedded in.