At the present time, I don't have an official website for my small press publishing label: Penhead Press. This will come when I can afford to do so. My basic business philosophy is not to spend money I don't possess. To pay the domain name fees for randomly-accessed-poetics.com, I collected cans along highway 18.

(In my personal life I live my life without credit cards and deficit spending. I use old machines, hand-me-down clothes, etcetera. If I don't have the cash I don't purchase it. If it means I have to forage for food off the land, it means I'm eating a salted bug and worm paste on crackers instead spam and easy cheese. In fact, I only have one debt attached to my name and that is for student loans. As far as new stuff goes, I purchased my first new computer a few months ago from constructing a website for my sister's business).

Thus, the business end of (or correspondence to) Penhead Press will be conducted through this particular email address: randomlyaccessedpoetics@yahoo.com.

About This Blog

I am like every other artist (or proprietor) in that I don’t have a concrete plan about where I am going. If you track back through to the beginning of this blog you will see that the forward momentum and direction has changed several times. If you have been with me since the beginning and had took note of the layout and whatnot, you will also see that penheadpress is indeed a work in progress. And by denotation, a work in progress means that I have a gross overall plan, but beyond that I have no idea, no mission beyond my passion for writing.

Why call it the disasterpiece blog? I call it the disasterpiece because when I first heard the word I fell in love with it. I had wished that I was clever enough to think up the word disasterpiece. If you Google “disasterpiece,” you will come up with an album title and a song by the band Slipknot. The song itself is a horrid piece of mediocrity in comparison to Slipknots better pieces like the "Heretic" for example. Slipknot itself is a mediocre metal band in comparison to other metal bands like Slayer, Neurosis, Pentagram, Byzantine, Tool, Rush, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Black Sabbath.

However, I do not believe that everything posted here is mediocre. Please make sure you check out posts by these individuals: Afzal Moolla, Carla Blaschka, Purple Mark, and Guest Authors. And if you'd like to check out my jewel randomly-accessed-poetics.com there you can read poems and stories from gifted people I've selected out of the foam of Venus. Also, Randomly Accessed Poetics is another step in actuating my dream of becoming a publisher. In 2013 I will start taking submissions for chap books. There will be a $10.00 reading fee per document. I am seeking all kinds of writing including single panel comic illustrations as well as photo books. All work will need to be tailored to be viewed on the average small handheld tablet device.

I'm not saying that I am a bad writer, that is far from the truth. I believe that I am just starting to become a good poet writer. But what I am saying is this, that of my own poems and whatnot that I post here, I consider them to be less than perfect. I see them just like that song "Disasterpiece;" however, I do know that some people in hearing it may actually think of it is a masterpiece. Furthermore, I am 95% positive that the members of Slipknot found disasterpiece to be clever until they composed the next song. And that has been my predominant experience as writer dating back to the first stuff. That in the moment of creation I connected to a larger reality, but when I looked back on it a day, a week, a month, a decade later, what I thought was a masterpiece was to the contrary, a disasterpiece.

Thanks for stopping by and if you're interesting in becoming a penheadpress guest author shoot me an email at randomlyaccessedpoetics@yahoo.com

Here are a few of my disastrous Videos

Poem Read Unknowingly Before A Lady's Prayer Group At An Open Mic in Everett by William James ---Videoed by Duane Kirby Jensen.



Vicarious Affairs by William James ---Videoed by Duane Kirby Jensen.



No More by William James ---Videoed by Duane Kirby Jensen.