RAP Issue 1 contains compositions by Gale Acuff, C. Albert, April Avalon,  
   Patricia Babbitt, Shannon Barber, Eleanor Bennett, Philip V Bernier-Smith,  
   Carla Blaschka, Bruce V Bracken, Randi Carlton, Sweet Cheeks, Louie Crew,  
   Larry Crist, Aaron Dietz, Neil Ellman, Denise Falcone, Robert Lee Frazier,  
   George Freek, Elizabeth Fountain, Margaret Elysia Garcia, Howie Good,  
   Juleigh Howard-Hobson, William James, Terence Kuch, Duane Locke, Jan   
   Marquart, Tera McIntosh, Joan McNerney, A.R. Minhas, Michael Neal Morris,  
   B.Z. Niditch, Dan Nielsen, Felino A Soriano, Guy Swanson, Jessica Tyner,  
   Thomas Zimmerman.  

Penhead Press presents: Tips, Hints, & Shortcuts, by Dan Nielsen, $6.27 (shipping incl.)

The first installment in our chapbook series is a collection of absurdest poems by Dan Nielsen whose work has been compared to that of Steven Wright, Mitch Hedberg, and Demetri Martin. Nielsen describes his approach to humor as “a purposeful misunderstanding of the obvious.” For example: “I wanted to go miniature golfing, / but it snowed, / so I went miniature cross-country skiing.”

For ordering information, email or send payment to
Penhead Press, PO Box 115, Willamina, Oregon, 97396-0115.
Money orders only.

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