Monday, October 11, 2010

More Ogre Butt Scrabble Poetry

the end is near

On Saturday, October 9, Nishant, Ahmed, and myself met at the Racer CafĂ© for another match of Scrabble Poetry. It would have been nice to see the others who attended two weeks ago, but I guess they couldn't arise out of their beds.

The most difficult component of this exercise is the on-the-spot composition. It's really easy to pen shitty (or in the spirit of the exercise Ogre Butt) poems from the pool of words available. (I wanted to name this post Canine Fart Vest, but I was over ruled or was it another post? Ahh...It doesn't matter anyway. A name, that is)

In one of my many past life's, I lived in McMinnville where I used to play a weekly game with Amber (who was/is a painter, sparkplug, and now has a son nearly one year old). Then afterwhich I would try to fashion something creative from the words generated, but I was never successful.


The game on the other hand was great even though I lost. Again. I tiled down some good words though like Diva, Butt, Slick, Hears, Fart, and Time.

The endgame gambit was a photo finish between Nishant and Ahmed. The final scores were Nishant 189, Ahmed 187, and me 151. Ahmed was pissed. There were lots of name callings, fuckers and shitheads shouted after each brilliant play or block. I did however, accomplish a thirty-nine-point play, which was the highest for the game on a double word score plot with Za and Zap! Hopefully, next week I will win and hopefully, someday, I will compose a stunning scrabble poem…

The words in the order played: bey, but, vest, vow, now, hind, new, ow, you oh, dine, axe, ad, diva, equal, de, ya, butt, time, timer, jeer, tar, it, ma, er, za, zap, depict, her, here, dog, ogre, depicts, sir, bin, in, mat, here, ten, hears, slick, slicks, arise, pom, do, em, fart, vows, sill.

Nishant’s “Quick Orgy”

[The] diva dog farts
[the] ogre hears
you jeer

Sir in vest dines
Ten butts arise
New slicks tar
Timer zaps

Ahmed’s Poem: “Ahmed De Em”

ye bey arise
vest now
ye sir dine
tar, vow
ye ogre ye ogre
fart za fart, ow

ye diva zap
tar jeer
ye dog depict vows
ye poms jeer time
ye its em dee
dee em
dee em

Ahmed Positioning Himself for a Play
 Arise Bey

a bey a vest
a dog an ogre
hinds do dine
divas do time

slicks fart ow
butts depict vow
now bey
now bey zap tar jeer

pom do pom do new
dee em
new dee em

axe mat equals ten
now but time
now but time

Lastly here’s my Junker:

Arise Butt Slicks
Sir Bey hears

Arise Butt Slicks
Here timer zaps
Vows diva-tar

Arise Butt Slicks

I edited it a little
New hind vest
Orge dog jeer

Arise Butt Slicks
Pom de dine
Depicts sir fart

Arise Butt Slicks
Now vows you
Ad ten here

Good sportsmenship

Nishant says,"if you think your so hot, you try it!"

Rearrange these words into a poem and scrabble it into a (comment) box below! Thanks!!

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