Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday Night at the Blubird Open Mic

I don't have too much to say today. I've been on the dee-el this week. It has been over a month since I did a reading at the Blue Bird. All the usual zoo creatures were there with the addition of three young comics, an old rock-n-roller with his eleven year old daughter who accompanied him on the mouth organ, and a young hobo activist poet from Las Vegas who went by the name of Alexander the Terrible.

Alexander the Terrible

Alexander intrigued me in that he has been earning upwards of seventy dollars a day performing poems on the street for tips. Although, his first poem, I'm ashamed to be a white American sort of rubbed my wrong. I consider myself a native American, because my blood has been here for three-hundred and ninety years. If that don't make me a native not even a fifteen thousand years will, which is longer than those considered Native are claimed to have been here. My daddies father's people were imported into Sweden by the King in the twelfth century from Belgium. His people considered themselves native Swedes long before they immigrated to America in the 1880's.
When I was Alexander's age, I used to have the same guilt. I think I lost it somewhere in my late thirty's. The reality is we all belong to this planet. And we all belong to each other. Everyone has been conquered and every people has been a conqueror. Everyone has been a slave and every people has been slavers. No one who has every drawn breath is innocent. And these behaviors go on in the rest of the animal kingdom as well. Conquering even happens on the single cell level too. All life has just cause to hate and plethora of reasons to kill.
Enraptured into her cup of coffee by Warren's Song

I suppose I shouldn't have read the poem Out of Context Conversations outside Bauhaus Books with child present.  Where in August I sat out on the street and wrote out every interesting thing people said walking by and sitting sipping capuchinos. I got some pretty raunchy stuff as well as phrases pulled out of context could be interpreted as dirty. The gems I got that evening were of these two foreign men talking about how to prepare dog for dinner and how much more tender puppy was and some young people pretending to kiss and making loud sloppy noises and of a guy complaining about a botched bj.

Comedian #2 Jokes about Retards and how
people name their retarded children Corky

Charlie Smarmy read a poem on his best lay

The old Rock-n-Roller Sings

Comedian #3 Jokes about unremarkable stuff

Tom Ring reads a poem or two

Chase Evans reads from his 2007 book of poems
How to Live

Peter Sings great pop songs while banging out tunes on the piano

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