Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ode to Pad Scrabble Poetry

Ahmed & Ayla

On Saturday, September 25, five brave, brilliant souls met at the crack of noon to play a round of scrabble. Afterwards they attempted to hammer out a line of poem or two of the words crafted from that anvil of fierce competition. Cafe Racer was the location chosen by Ahmed, the cunning organizer, in the Ravenna Neighborhood a couple doors south of the Trading Musician (a store where I got majorly ripped off on the purchase of a Boss DR-550 mkII drum machine eighteen months ago; if you want to buy it, it's for sale; make me an offer).

Ayla, Melanie, Elise
CafĂ© Racer was a nice joint sporting a lot of character that is typically lacking in that sterile corporate American environment. Their brunch menu was excellent. I had a mean chili omelet. My only criticism was that they didn't have any hot sauce even remotely hot enough for my poor burned out taste buds. A slice or two of habanero pepper would have lit a match to that cold spot in my palate. Thus, I didn't even bother to add any of their vinegar and salt confections to the meal, which I must add stuck to my ribs till eight o'clock that evening. Everyone was pleased with what they ordered! Also there were a few people, not in our party, sipping on pints of thick muddy water.

We played by the rules as prescribed by the authors of scrabble, because of this one of the players bluffed us, twice, by slipping in these made up words Divy and Zu. None of us wanted to risk loosing a turn or points to challenge him. The players present were Ahmed who scored 117, Ayla 102, Elise 78, Tory 106, and Me 70.

Elise her skin a canvas of song & Tory
Hear are the words in the order they were played: gates, sex, bat, gib, lox, zeal, lines, like, me, me, qi, ace, an, face, far, gob, tit, toy, loin, cone, pad, pe, divy (Ahmed’s first made up word), jupe, mean, notes, ran, jo, meats, tire, jog, toys, rise, aw, wo, rile when, en, do, di, zu (Ahmed’s second made up word), cow, chi, iv (Tory slipped this abbreviation in), no, am, im, elf, bun, and ui.

Elise’s Poem:

Like sex
One face
One line
Loin to loin
Mean gates rise
Like one ran far
I tire

Tory’s Poem:

Qi or Chi
Mean notes ran far
When leaves tire
Ode to one when
Lines divvy gates
Do done did
Rise to like me
Mean face like me
Jupe the ode
Notes tire
I tire
Rile me mean
Jog on
Divvy toys and bats
One leaf tires
Mean note ran far

Ayla’s poem:

Notes rise like one ode
Zeal ran far, I ran like
I ran like notes ran an ode
No tire when I face gates
No zeal, o, no I am like a face
A face like one when lines rile

Sex toys jog like an ode ran a loin
A far leaf

I ran far when gates like rad
Lox line one face I like a zeal
Done, I am done

....look how tight the spread was and how rich these words are...
we should have acted like poet's and played for money
next time we can honor Bukowski and Carver

Ahmed’s Poem: Loxy Lady

A jupe a wo a no,
zeal and line and chi.
hers. me.

A face a bun a run,
lox and tire and qi
her note. mi.

A pad a gob a mean
zu and zex. i.v.
her toys. me.

A rise a tit a cow,
di and meats divvy
her elf. her leaf. her meat.

A rile a jog an aw,
done when one like qi.
her one her gate her bat,
her n. her am. her loin.
an ode.

My Poem:

Meat Gate's notes
I V leaf
Like divy cow sex

Lox di loin
Gob tit toys

When lines like sex rise
Jupe ran far
Bat face gig
Elf tit pad
Do loin done
No one ran

That's all there is for today. Feel free to try an arrangement of these scrabble words yourself and jot them down in a comment box below. Thanks!


  1. Here is my story...used each word, only once

    Aw pe when ui
    Do sex entire
    Di-tit jog qi
    Iv zeal, rise chi
    Loin bat meats bun
    Pad toy
    Rile Zu
    Face mean
    No toys, Jo
    Me like gates
    Notes am cow
    An ace jupe

    I’m elf, ran far
    Gob lox, divvy cone
    Gib lines

    Carla Blaschka

    Words: Lox can mean liquid oxygen, to jupe means to block a server from joining a network

  2. I agree the eggs could use a little spicing up! Thanks for sharing these, pad* lox :)