Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catchy Bad Tracks

It seems like every Asian restaurant and store I've gone into the last few days has been playing that same pop song by Lady Gaga. But it's not the whole song. I always seem to arrive in the same spot in the song. Not the beginning or the end just that annoying middle.

I know you think you're special
When we dance real crazy
Glam-aphonic, electronic, disco baby
I like you a lot lot
All we want is hot hot

Boys boys boys
We like boys in cars
Boys boys boys
Buy us drinks in bars
Boys boys boys
With Hairspray and denim
Boys boys boys
We love them!
We love them!

My first introduction to this song occurred August 9th at Watertown Coffee on 12th Ave between Cherry & James Street. An old acquaintance, Kim Rule, whom I met when I first moved to Seattle in the open mic scene invited me to Monday night Karaoke. Since she is a singer/song writer, I asked her to choose the song for me and be as cruel as possible. I'd never heard it before so I did it Bill style by talking my way through the song and changing lyrics on the fly to make the narrative funnier. It was fun. A few people were rolling on the floor laughing while I was doing the "boy, boy, boy," line. I'm going to have to have a Karaoke party there in the near future like welcome back winter. That sounds like a good theme. Hmm

This evening while I was mixing the ingredients for corn bread, the chorus was stuck in my head like a schizoid voice skipping back in time to the same spot. And i tried to change the words to: Girls, girls, girl / Like 'em in the back seat / Girls, girls, girls / They spend our money / Girls, girls, girl / With Daisy Duke's and short skirts / Girls, girls, girls / We %&$# them / We #&^% them. But that was short lived. Soon I was humming away to chorus as it was written.

Finally, I got the song out my head with this movie I picked up at Everday Music that (also happened to be playing Lady Gaga too) I saw once back in good old 1988. It stared Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr., and Uma Thurman called Johnny Be Good. I must say, this has got to be the worst film I've seen in my life. And I'd much rather have Lady Gaga flowing through my head instead of this horrible story. I paid $1.95 for the skuff dvd that I can never get back. Young Uma Thurman was the only redeeming part of the movie in that she is just as sexy-sultry as she was in Gattaca, which I think is still a great sci-fi film today.

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