Friday, April 19, 2013

NaPoWriMo #19.333 (Tormented Sarah)

Tormented Sarah

Christie hates guns
Guns kill
That's what they do best

beer in hand
sun in the sky
sat on the porch
The house
was first owned
by a tobacco merchant
sketching Sarah Winchester

Sarah believed ghosts
would kill her
if she did not
try to confuse them
by building odd rooms in her house

Christie explained
that when you talk to
right wing gun nuts
they always
lift up the second amendment
as if it were a commandment from god

This story is a metaphor
for modern day America
Sarah Winchester was haunted
by the ghosts
of people her guns

America has profited from guns
we can't get rid of them
and now they are killing us
in Sarah's haunted house.

---William James

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