Friday, April 19, 2013

Guest Author: Samuel Ortiz (Episode 4)



In port USOA on January 2, Fiero was thinking about Washington D.C. He was worried about his friends Hot and Wheels. Finally morning in Washington D.C. When Doc woke up, he told them every single thing to do, it made them very mad so do you know what they did? They went to a secret control room they found and made it night time they said to Doc "Hey the sun is going down." they pointed out. "WHAT? BUT WE JUST WOKE UP!!" Doc screamed at the top of his lungs it broke the glass of port USOA (PORT USOA)" What happened to our glass?(WASHINGTON D.C.) "Alright, fine! Let’s go to sleep" said doc he went to sleep while Mr. Wheels and Mr. Hot escaped and went to Port USOA. They wanted to talk to Fiero and they told him what was going on. Fiero and the other two went to the police station while a plan formed in his head. They went to the police station and asked to go into the secret meeting room. So they went to the Secret reunion room Mr. Hot said, "The strangers are treating us bad." "Okay I have an idea" said Fiero, "I'll tell Turbo 1 what’s going on and he will help me make bombs and when we're done we'll drop the bombs on Washington D.C. How does that sound?" "Sounds good," said the police. "Okay go back to WASHINGTON D.C. because they'll probably be meaner if the find out you came to Port USOA. We'll send smoke signals when we are ready for war, okay?" "Okay! Thanks Fiero!" said Mr. Hot. When they returned to Washington D.C. Doc was already awake and angry. "WHERE WERE YOU GUYS?! I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU EVERYWHERE!" he yelled. "We were in port USOA," said hot "YOU'RE NOT ALLLOWED TO GO TO PORT USOA WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM NOW ON YOU HEAR? Screamed doc "FINE!" retorted Wheels.

---By Samuel Ortiz. Edited by Ivanna Ortiz

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