Friday, April 19, 2013

NaPoWriMo #19.667 (Rory Story Cubes)

April 19, Part 1, Kelly's Kiss

Kelly kissed Denaya deeply. More deeply than anyone before. As their tongues mingled together Kelly got hot. Uncomfortably hot inside. Kelly drew slowly back and gazed into Denaya’s eyes. Her eyes smiled and her pupils were dilated. Kelly tenderly kissed her forehead. And marveled at how beautiful Denaya was. Denaya was far more arousing than any man Kelly had been with.

Denaya was a professional golfer. She had an athletic body. She was the best of both world’s. Her body had hard lines, corners, edges overlaid by subtle curves and a faint feel of feminine softness. Kelly loved the feel of Denaya's beanpole shape. Kelly especially loved her nubile flat chest. Denaya’s voice was music to the ears. When Denaya spoke in her honey-toned alto, it sent Kelly into Cinderella's corner singing and dancing all the way.

Kelly was worried though. Worried that the relationship would go further. Terrified of what Denaya would think once she had touched Kelly’s shameful truth. Dr. Rogers had accepted her genital abnormality. Kelly was horrified that Denaya would freak out like how Ricky did.

Kelly kissed down Denaya’s long neck and played special attention to her color bone while her hand teased under the band of her panties. Denaya responded. She moaned “more” as she pushed Kelly’s hand down further….

---William James

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