Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Found in the Mensroom at Rancho Bravo on Capitol Hill 1


Hunger aches in my belly
like how crabs ate a layer of
skin off Rossie's round mound
it was red, red, red
and it spilled over
just like a sound

All I could do was look at
them crabs on a reddened mound
that was once much fun to pound.

I slapped her and called her a whore
she sucked me in and begged for more.
It was then I said,
"Hark! Is that someone
beating on your back Door?"

"I hope it is not my boss
checking up on you..."

"Nooo! It's Red Randy!
Come to get Rosie's
Crab infested candy.

"Don't let him in,"
but they forgot to lock the door.
So, Red Randy Barged in
and drank all the beer.
He fell fast asleep
with his butt against the door.

Rossie, who was a whore, rolled him
and took everything down to his last dime.
When he woke, he was in another state.

Again, Rossie, had fucked him
mind and money,
redefining the meaning
of American poverty.

This story (and a second one) was found in the mens restroom at Rancho Bravo on Capitol Hill. It was scribbled down on crumpled notebook paper in three distinctly different scrawls. They even initialed it TR, CM, BJ.

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