Monday, August 8, 2011

Weird Carla Writes: A Call to Freedom


A Call to Freedom

In the mirror I looked at a Super Freak, at least a Super Freak according to the so-called “good people” of this town. To go outside was to risk having their dogs set on us, from bowsers to schnauzers. We called ourselves the Sons of Freedom and call on people to think for themselves, to be unique, to wear an orange tiger striped fluffy fleece hat if you want. Currently we were fighting for the earth, to keep them from boring a tunnel through downtown and entombing us all, financially, certainly, and in an earthquake, maybe.

          But they claimed that where the Sons of Freedom made their home, leave the earth to Satan and his slaves. They claimed going along with the majority and community was heaven, and made you one with God and the angels. They claimed their attacks on us were justified by saying, “for that which longer nurseth the disease, spread the rot, and made them all tainted and unclean.”

          We still struggle, we hide, we protest, we run, each of us convinced of our purpose, and knowing freedom has no expiration date. It is an idea that will not die.

Accessory Poem

I hold up a mirror
For that which longer nurseth the disease
Is reflected in my face, my hair, my clothes
I am called a Super Freak,
But Freedom has no expiration date
I long to fly away, find the place
Where the Sons of Freedom make their home,
Leave the earth to Satan and his slaves

By Carla Blaschka, August 6, 2011

An exercise. I was given 3 words and 2 lines and 20 minutes to write a story. The words: Mirror, Super Freak, and Expiration Date were drawn at random from one bag. The second bag contained lines from Sonnet #147 by William Shakespeare and lyrics from Into The Void and Under the Sun / Every Day Comes and Goes by Black Sabbath. And I happened to luck into a line from Black Sabbath's song Into the Void and one line from Sonnet #147.

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  1. I didn't know that line was from a Black Sabbath song. Well done! I also like that my hat found its way into your poem.