Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Princess Mad Dog by PurpleMark

Princess Mad Dog vainly expressed
the randomness of Truth, the blackness of Hell,
and Art as dark as the night.

Her audience was a dancing dog,
two finches searching for cheerios under the benches and a
drunk that might as well have been named Douche-bag.

She lived up to her appellation with her mismatched eyes of
brown and blue, a tiara perched in a nest of frazzled hair and a
powder-pink taffeta dress.

Her princessdom was the Park with its assortment of itinerants,
dog-walkers and the Dance/Meditation group du jour who were
building her a castle in the meadow.

While two runners with numbers on their shirts ducked into the
men’s room before running off on their unknown and somewhat
lackadaisical marathon.

--PurpleMark 080611

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