Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stray Facebook thoughts (found on my hard drive)


I'm not as thoughtful with my speech as I was when I didn’t talk much.

Today, I just blurb out whatever blob of ectoplasmic thought synergy forms on the finger tips of neurons firing super-sonic in nebulous brain matter. Most of the time these luggies of idiocracy that spit from my mouth get me into one form of trouble or another.

Have you thought about going back Dan?
Back to your European roots.

Tell them at immigration that you seek absolution from the guilt of your warrior conquering forefathers & mothers.

What place on this soil has not felt
--the thunder of the heel and the stick
--the thunder of the moccasin and the club
--the thunder of the sandal and the sword
--the thunder of the boot and the musket
--the thunder of the tank and the machine gun
--the thunder of the plane and the bomb
marching into homelands and encampments killing, raping, looting, enslaving.

The invadees are always the first spirits to defend.

War is and has been our way, the way of the human being since dawn. It would be easier for us today, tormented by this guilt if swords had never been shaped like crosses. And if crosses had never been used as a mode of suffering and execution.

It is unfortunate that the mob, the mass, the bulk of human kind thinks naught about these structural metaphors comprising civilization. And nothing changes in the ruling class. They will utilize any symbol to mobilize the peasants into action against whoever is declared enemy.

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