Friday, July 15, 2011

Shortcut ‘Cross Freeway Park

hazy day

bent back double
stars on the ground
9th and University Street exit
zig zagging cement stairs
winding ramps
half empty fountain paths
bracken water
crawling green slim
pollywog in the tub
shaded jade ferns
crooked tree trunks
silly Asian girls in harlot red coats
holding hands
making out in public
see yourself in the future
portable psychic barbershop
unemployed kids smoking and talking shit
be the weaver of your own spider web
send yourself a thank you note
read about tomorrows American dream
squatters making tin can fires
roasting dogs on sticks
broke down apartment building
crumbling bricks
unhappy sagging drywall
dangling dead ivy
purple blossoms
blooming lotus trees
nesting crows
towering pyramid tops
sleeping bums
devil eyes

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