Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ohhh God, Did I Write This??? No...Someone Else Must Have Penned This. Surely Not Me.

Some writer's, like Hemingway, have said that you should compose your shit with someone else in mind. Clearly, with this piece (of crap) I should have ignored that advice. Just reading over it makes me cringe. It is telly verses showy. Tell me no shit and I’ll show you no poetry.   



Run away
Little mouse,
Run away,
Always skittering away,


You don’t realize
How rare and unique you are.
That’s what Eagle saw
The first time it swooped down close.

Look at that ground.
Look at those flowers.
Look at those trees.
Look at that grass.

They are not afraid.
They don’t worry. 
They don’t plan.

They don’t plot to control their own lives or those they associate with.
They don’t have issues on who their neighbors should or shouldn’t be.
They don’t worry about what they have or lack.

Standing upright, they live free.

They take the sun.
They take the wind.
They take the rain.
They take the cold.

Look at their eyes
Where they point.
See the stars in the sky.
See the sun and the moon.

What else do you need little mouse?

Making excuses.
Skittering away.
That is why you’re alone. 


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