Friday, June 10, 2011

A Poem I Never Could Figure Out How to Improve it Through Eetter Editing


Vicarious Affairs

I noticed you
Looking at me
     down the hall
     in the foyer
     at the laundry
     by your door

I lounge ear near wall
Listening for clues
     the resonance of your hums    
     the clitter-clatter of dishes
     the bumping-thudder of cabinet doors
What are you preparing?
What are you wearing?

I fancy
Girls next door

I noted
Hunger in your eyes
Licking me up and down
As I stood
Water beaded off my body
Outside my front door
Keys in fumbling hand
Wrapped in a worn red
Bath towel

I saw a pile of your clothes
On top a dancing dryer
Waiting their turn to whirl

In the basement
I rifle a finger through
    silky things   
    slinky things
    girly things

I imagine you in them
Twirling around your apartment
I feel naughty

I’ve observed you
On busses
At the local grocery
Cycling across streets
Passing through the mailroom

I smile
Greet you with peace
You scowl
And tell me to fuck off


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