Monday, June 13, 2011

Cal Anderson Park Found Poem

Pizza Truth

Whatever happened to Donny Strawberry?
A chalk sidewalk outline
Is, is not a crime
What does this mean?

Cowabunga tank top
Nice legs
Cute butt
Dam, cuss yeah [‘cause the]
Boom, boom in de boom box

Sweet moves

Squeeze me
My jeep or yours
New spaces
My juice is sweet like Georgia peaches

I wish I was your lover

You remind me of cool lemonade
Nasty freaky
Alligator inside
Skinny dip
Summer is here



Also check out my new wordpress website. It's a literary journal called Randomly Accessed Poetics! Submissions are open. I will be publishing literary works, explicit language pieces, and eventually a journal a relative wrote in the late 1800's detailing their journey to Oregon on the Oregon Trail. And when I gather enough submitted works from other people, I will be cobbling together an e-anthology called Randomly Accessed Poetics.

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