Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bill's Fiery Vegan Chocolate Balls

I made the best candy yet last Thursday. It was a triple chocolate cayenne truffle. The interior was an amalgamation of hemp milk, vegetable oil, organic molasses, dried cherries, dark rum, 62% unsweetened cacao chocolate, and 100% cacao chocolate. The exterior of the candy was coated in a fiery mixture of medium weight cocoa powder, dark brown sugar, and cayenne pepper.  If I were to write a song about the product, it would go something like this:

Hay doll have you seen my balls
they're big, fiery, and black
If you ever need to get out of your hole
just roll one of my balls around your tongue
Oooo Yeah! Suck my fiery, my fiery chocolate balls
pop them into your mouth by the pair
savor the fiery flavor as you swallow choco-juice down
Suck on my fiery, my fiery chocolate balls
they're smack packed full of cayenne, hemp, and rum
They're good for vegans too
no animals to harm in cruel and unusual feedings
Oooo yeah take my balls into your mouth
and feel my heat light a fire in your oooo yeah
eat Bill's fiery vegan chocolate balls


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