Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Cover Letter

I am interested in applying for the AmeriCorps GED Instructor at your YMCA facility. Teaching is a hobby or avocation that I’d like to make a more prominent fixture in the present tense of my work-life path here in Seattle.

Currently, I co-instruct a non-credit creative writing workshop at Seattle Central Community College. I have three students. Two of which are ESL students. One is from France and the other is from South Africa. My French student is struggling with the how-to accomplish creative writing (and it pains me that she struggles so). I designed this course with an individual who is currently an AmeriCorps tutor in a North Seattle school district. I also have on a few occasions, in the past nine months, tutored an elderly individual on basic accounting theory and in the use of accounting software.

In the past, however, I accomplished much work in the arena of education and tutoring. I substituted all grade levels in the public school system as an instructional assistant for both special and alternative need students (I myself was a special needs student and have hearing disability called Centralized Audio Processing Disorder). In addition, I tutored mathematics and writing at a middle school afterhour’s program. Also, the year following my college graduation with a BA in Mathematics and a heavy minor in Religious Studies, I facilitated a confirmation course at my hometown Lutheran Church. Lastly, in college I worked for three semesters as a TA for the Physics Department where I tutored conceptual physics and assisted for general physics laboratory class.

I don’t know if I am aptly qualified for GED Instructor position and maybe I shouldn’t be so open and honest with my thoughts, but all I can express to you is of an enduring passion for the acquisition knowledge and excellence which is most likely the result of how I was wounded before I was conceived in the womb and the difficulties I have had throughout this life teaching myself how to learn and being a guide or cheer leader for others to do the same.

Addendum: I didn't send this cover letter. Instead I opted for a much briefer one. Hopefully, it will bear fruit.

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