Monday, March 28, 2011

Wall of Discarded Art (a Capital Hill Tourist Stop)

The cows on the wall
munching on dry leaves

In the first year in my residency in Seattle, I lived a few doors down from the Wall of Discarded Art. I found it fascinating, because I'd never seen anything like this before and it was genius. As a writer I know, it is hard to discard even one scrap of paper with a scribbling scrawl on it. Yesterday, I sorted through and tossed a whole paper shopping bag of these precious scraps of ideas. It is easier to cleanse yourself of these musing if a year passes by. And I have the sinus headache today as proof.

I suspect this process could be different or harder to do with visual art. Therein lies the beauty of this wall in the alley on the Union-Spring 14th - 15th Avenue block. Here an artist can hang their masterpieces of disaster and let the power of nature take back its resources.

Cubed balls. This one looks relatively newly hung.

What's behind those bug-a-boo eyes and who's blondy saluting?
He must be spying this merry making scene

I brought my mom here when she visited last fall.

It's the cows. They've come home. To the pasture.

And look, there's a little person from the Hollow Earth Here too!

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