Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time Masheen II Dusty Forgotten Utterances from the Spring of 1996

Angels Were Singing

The first time I saw you
I had a special feeling
I didn’t know your name
But I knew you knew me

I imagined you in my arms
On Mount Zion under the stars
We tangled tongues
As angels sang a sweet song of love

You said, I had a fire in my eyes
And a passion in my heart
Every time we twined
I was a Saturn Five on the fly
My legs would quiver
And my guts would shake with vigor
When our lips embraced
I knew you were the one
And angels began to sing our song of love

Many wonders and mysteries
Strange things I could do and see
When I touched you
My skin would liquefy
Our bodies melted together
Our souls became one
My vision grew dizzy
The angels sang that same old song of love

The day you abandoned me
For that other short man
Was the day I damn near died
Slashed my throat or cut my side
The angels up in heaven
All around swimming in the sky
Stopped singing that sweet fresh song of love

Wow! What a find! I was going through this journal I wrote for a graduate course I took at George Fox University in 1998 on Spiritual Formation. This was back in the day when I was studying theology. Keeping a daily experiential prayer, reflections, and reading journal was the primary focus of the course. The journal’s intention was to bring the student, me, into a state of mindfulness to the ever-present mysteries of the now. At least that is how I interpret it today fourteen years after the fact. Well, anyhow, stapled onto one of the pages was a heartbreak poem I wrote two years prior about the only woman I ever proposed to. The reason I looked into this journal is that I’ve been compiling past papers and writings from that post undergraduate era into a singular work, which I’d like to self-publish as an e-book. And my intent here is to experiment with this particular medium of expression. Also, I am actuating my dream of being a professional writer. Furthermore, I am in the process of writing an experimental novel (my friend with the publication of his book Super inspired me), but I estimate the first working draft to be roughly two years away. 

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