Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Plow for Foxy Fox

The first scrabble match of the year was a success. Ahmed won by going out first. But in the second to the last play, Amy a language arts teacher at a Capitol Hill private school was up by eight points. I was so looking forward to a new winner. I was rooting for her. Her husband, Yven was also a good player he challenged Ahmed on OILPAINT and won, but the second time he challenged, the word BO, it didn’t turn out so well. Bo is an officially accepted scrabble slang word from the Arkansas, which means "friend, mate or boyfriend." If Amy used this word in a sentence it would be, “Yven is my bo!”

The final scores were Amy: 122 – 1 = 121, Ahmed: 128 + 1 + 9 + 24 = 162, Me: 105 – 9 = 96, Yven: 98 – 24 = 74. At least I didn’t come in dead last. Thank you Yven for challenging the second time and for not being able to play the Q or the Z!

We laid down some really rich words. Again, I had a great combination of letters that I couldn’t find a way to lay down. Vogue would have made a great contribution to this compilation of words: nosey, ee / ee / ye, yes / sir (this was my first play), fox, ill, foxy / ya, tower, slit, burnt, we / en / en, torn, sick, stuck, ah / hi, darn, wade, ut / um / mu, greet, paint / tut, dream, (oilpaint Ahmed’s word that wasn’t), plow / od, dream / pa, avoid, viler, gone / of / ex, lip, oil, bo / do, jo, an, nub.

Now for tale of how the fox plowed the poems:

Yven the Terrible the sick ill watchmen of the Tower of Vile

we Dream
wade yet avoid the tower
the burnt eyes of the watchman stuck to the nub of his lance
I plow the water

My torn chainmail lubricated by perspiration
The resident of the castle
viler than an ill hen
darn fox, should we greet

I feel worse than sick…
yes, tip of the dream.

---Yven (pronounced “Ivan”) 1/2/2011

Dream Nub 121

sir yes,sir, Princess Amy, we burnt the viler tower

Viler tower
we burnt
oh bo
ill torn fox,
sir ah, yee
nosey ut
do tip, pa
avoid “hi”
yes, foxy ya
stuck en wade, darn hen,
an od plow

--- Amy 1/2/11

oh Hen, avoid that ill gloom and that odd painted plow
 Od Painted Sick Dream
Bo, ye nosey jo
No yes sir, no
Avoid ill, its foxy towers

Torn, burnt, slit, stuck, sick nub
Tut, tut

Oh hen, we oil sick, j
Viler than vile
That od, burn the painted plow

Greet ex dream, ex dream mu
Ut ex nu, do pa mi
En em ee, um em mu

---Ahmed 1/2/11


Mighty Wizzard of ill, my name is Bo, I am power.

my name is Bo.
My ex is gone
tut, tut darn.

She was foxy!
yes sir!
A real dream slit


Avoid the painted slit
The tower burnt to a nub
Jo was viler than Bo

can't get more consonipated than this

In a dream
Ah Mu plowed for oil
We wade
      the dream

---My two poems

we plow, we oil ahhh....ooo, oh yess..plow...foxy fox

oh yes….foxy fox
we paint a dream
ee – ee – ee
ah – ah – ah
yes foxy fox
oh yes
we oil
we plow
oh ya…we do…
foxy fox
            …we do…

--- Josh (the comer who arrived just in time to write a poem)

hmm...how can I be prophylactic in this next play

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  1. This was a great game. I wish I could find people down in this way, in Oregon, who'd like to play scrabble poetry.