Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Bloody Nave’s Oral Wet Slurp

Deep Words by Dan Handy
10082011 Scrabble Poetry Exercise requires your participation. Post your instant masterpiece at the bottom of the page (as a comment, thanks)!

The student-warriors present this week were Dan, Ahmed, and myself. I don’t have too much to say about the match this week other than that Ahmed was victorious again scoring 234, Dan finished with 195, and I came in dead last with 171 points.

Josh considers ordering the S.O.

Josh, another couch surfer, showed up too late again to play scrabble. Instead he was content to scribble geometric lines and patterns on a lacy napkin. He's a retired Microsoft programmer and creative musician. On a few occasions, Josh has composed, recorded, and mastered an album (of experimental music) in twenty-four hours.

Is Ahmed cheating? Is he planing his next play in the
...this must be why he usually wins...

I was close four plays in

my two big plays for 25 & 26 points

The spread was tight
...the writers exercise is at the bottom...

you get extra credit if you can read Ahmed's hand writing

Words Played: stabs, towns, grade / we / od / ta, get / tag / ode / wet, feigns, laying, zoo / of, bloody, owed / aw / ye / id, hid / he / en, offals, qat, qi / ni, nave, amen, tap / am / pe, tape / rend, peak / ad, yo / os, xi / in, qats / slur, pouch / slurp, oh / oral, taper / re / jeer, admit, vile, cut , zit, joy, mi

this is made of yarn

The Racer Café is an interesting joint. They serve good breakfast foods and the walls are a tribute to bad art. I spent a fifteen minutes photographing a few of the worst pieces. There are several portraits of Jesus (most are in the Obama room) and one of them, on the north wall, is composed entirely of easter peeps.

the cross eyed farmers union meets at the square

peeps jeer and rend the vile pouch

the peeping Jesus waits to be eaten
understanding follows digestion

The final layout of all but these four tiles: "I, R, U, & R."

For this entry, the assignment of the reader is to compose a short story or poem utilizing the words played on this board. There are plenty of rich words to utilize and you shouldn’t have any difficulty at all scrawling out a few lines. Please paste your masterpiece in a comment below.

Let's see if you can make the grade...


  1. Here's my tale of ohh...

    At the zoo
    Mi Pe Qats stabs
    into an offals pouch

    In a slur
    a bloody Nave’s oral wet slurp
    tapers off a vile zit

    The towns id feigns
    a jeer
    laying with the ox he hides

    He admitted in an ode once

  2. laying hid in nave
    we get wet, peak
    joy stabs us bloody

  3. --make a vile pouch--

    make the grade,
    stab slurp rend jar, jeer
    taper a bloody joy
    of wet offals
    cut tag pouch
    feign nil

    wet qat wet peak wet xi
    laying, owed
    a nave a zoo an ode
    admit to oral joy, slurpy wet.