Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NaPoWriMo #30.667 (Challenge Reflections)

NaPoWriMo Challenge Reflections

My old mother would be mortified to know that I participated in the "write a poem a day in the month of April," challenge. She doesn’t mind that I write, but what she doesn’t understand is why I continue to do it when the weather is nice out. Why am I indoors on the computer "wasting" precious available time reading and writing poetry when I could be outdoors spending the time spading and hoeing, splitting and stacking wood, or mowing and raking the grass.

I understand know why I am single. I understand why marriage or even shacking up with a woman would never work for me. I would never be able to handle all the yelling and screaming that would go on, because of the time I spend being a writer. It would be different if I were making hundreds of thousands of dollars at it, because then time spent would be justified by cash. The time I spend in the yard or garden doesn't net any cash, so maybe I don't fully understand what the problem is. What I didn’t tell mom was that not only did I compose one thing a day, I scribbled down more than that and I began the process in the third week of March.

When dad was still alive, she didn’t mind so much that I was writing. She had him to pester. No wonder why he frequently lost his temper. But he was like that before they married. I think she grew used to his tantrums. I just ignore her when she lays into me. I refuse to be the person I am not.

It is amazing how much work I get accomplished when I am alone. It is amazing how much you can produce when you start producing work. I see know how Stephen King can write a novel in two weeks And not only can I write when I am alone, I can get my chores done too.

---William James

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