Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NaPoWriMo 30.333 (Kelly & Denaya Start To Get Busy)

At The Maw of the Cave, Kelly and Denaya Start To Get Busy

     “Burrrr….. it’s cold.”
     “I’ll warm you up Denaya.”
     “Kelly. I’m glad I met you. No one understands like you do.”
     “Thanks Denaya. I’m glad to be here for you,” Kelly said in a throaty voice. Kelly wrapped Denaya into her coat as they walked further into the park.
     They had just seen the sunset over the lake and now were headed to their special spot. The cave. And hopefully, no one else would be there tonight. Kelly had brought a special tool with her. It is a prosthetic device that allows her to utilize a special part that defines masculinity in the world. Without this tool Kelly is simply Kelly: an intersexual being who is neither male nor female. And who can pass as either male or female. As a male Kelly looks like a 5’6” fourteen year old pubescent boy. As a female Kelly looks like a male to female transsexual whom you’d do a double or triple take on in trying to figure out the gender. Kelly lived as a woman mostly.
     “Ohh look…. The cave,” Denaya squealed! Her womanhood instantly aroused.
     Kelly nuzzled into Denaya neck guiding her into the cave with a kiss. Kelly could smell Denaya’s arousal. Denaya smelled sexier when she was gooey wet between her legs. And Denaya did as she was told and wore a shimmering knee length spaghetti strap sun dress. Kelly ran her hand up Denaya’s thigh and smiled.
     “Denaya, you’re not wearing any panties,” Kelly said as she inserted her fingers in between Denaya’s hairless vulva. Denaya let out an anticipatory moan and opened herself ever so slightly. Kelly removed her fingers and brought them dramatically up to her lips in order to taste Denaya’s ambrosia.
     “Fuck me with your man penis. I don’t want anything to get in the way between me and you.”

---William James

This is it for National Poetry Month. I wish I had, had more time to develop this part of the story, but this was the best I could do in an hour. Now I need to get ready for work. Thank you for reading this post in spite of its disastrous nature.

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