Thursday, April 18, 2013

NaPoWriMo #18 (Maybe there is a poem in this rambling bramble of junk)

I stand steady approaching a crossroads
one path opens to a new life
the other is more of the same
I want to be in two places
to look down from the mountaintop
to paint the vision of a new life on to the sky

When I was a kid
I used to hunt and fish
back then Steelhead swam up the creek
and you could catch them with a limb, line, and a worm
they were so plentiful
you could walk across water on their backs
Today, there is nothing like that here

The economy has been centralized
it is controlled by superpowers
and the individual can not stand in its way
they control the government and write laws
to protect themselves from upstarts
Politicians talk out of both
sides of their mouths at the same time

When I was a kid
one could purchase milk from a dozen small dairies
now all of these farms are empty buildings
rotting into the countryside
and the cows have all been ground
into hamburger
Federal efforts have stymied
us Lilliputians so that we can't
even feed ourselves
without millions of dollars of
technological infrastructure
so that we can conform to the laws
that govern commerce

Obama was a big disappointment
he could have given us a vision
to work on like saving the planet
from our toxic pollution
or taking us to Mars
instead he gave us more lotteries
that soak up our wealth like a sponge
and distribute it to giants who do not need more
Strength in numbers is important
but there is no power
when most of the world is asleep

---William James

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