Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NaPoWriMo #17.5 (A 10/9/2011 Reposted Poem )

I hate going to the doctor
watching agonizingly slow tics of a clock
sitting in endless lines of chairs
surrounded by sick people

I waddled through sterile doors
hunched over like a scarecrow
goat in a snow frozen field
getting on the scale
was like adding insult to injury
The nurse looked at my chart
scribbled a figure
raised a disapproving eyebrow

I was finally led on a leash to room number sixteen
the exam bed was wrapped in the usual crispy wax paper
I felt like a limp steak waiting to go into the freezer
I stared at ceiling tiles
reorganized the annoying buzz of lights
into vaguely recognizable patterns
I waited some more
in cubes stacked like Tetris boxes
I cough loudly
I’m still here
I’m still sick
Where are you?

The doctor enters after an hour
I vomit out all the sordid details
The doctor smiles nods and scrawls
As a melodramatic whole
the process is far too exaggerated
for a bitter bottle of pills
only the few can afford

---William James

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