Sunday, April 14, 2013

NaPoWriMo #14.5 (A Line From Here And There)

Have you ever intentionally walked in poop?

Seattle is a city of sun worshipers. My ear plugs fell out in the middle of sleep. Did you notice the man crying? His head faced downward. The sky was murky and purple. It could be worse. I am married now, my sister divorced, my mom sticks her tongue out. We laugh so we may not weep.

I felt my nerves burning out of control. I sheltered indoors clinging to routine until summer day’s return. I didn’t tell the others, there was no point. My mother’s voice was dramatic and emphatic. It was just like walking in the mud. Where does the universe end and boredom relief begin?

---William James

Source: You’ve Been eaten By A Hamburger, Volume 2, December 2012.

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