Sunday, April 14, 2013

NaPoWriMo #14 (Rory's Story Cubes)

April 14 (The Taming of Enkidu)

Enkidu before being tamed
Under the thin veil of civility, Rory was a hairy man. He was a primitive man. He was a primate. He was Enkidu.

Mandy was the harlot who tamed his roiling insides. Who shaved that matted mess of monkey hair that grew around his heart. That shielded him from the tortures of growing up with a woman who loathed him. And a father who resented and blamed him for his mother’s death. But Mandy was different. She was a different kind of woman than his step mother. She was an explorer. She was a leader on an expedition into the underworld or into purgatory or into the realm of the dead. She was like Enkidu’s counterpart, Gilgamesh—2/3 god and 1/3 human. She was the candle that illuminated his pitch black interior castle. She bathed his woundedness in tender kisses.

*        *        *

Mandy watched as a sliver of moonlight flooded into Rory’s bed chamber. Cupid had shot an arrow up into the sky. It came down upon them when they were in the throes of passion. The arrow was shot with so much force that it, not only, impaled itself in Rory’s back, it also pierced Mandy’s heart too. She wasn’t expecting to fall in love with a manly-man like Rory. As a teenager, she had been beaten black and blue by men like Rory. Burley men who rode Harley’s and swaggered like hunters after a kill had beaten her down into a Lilliputian.

Rory was an unexpected surprise. And here she was 1800 miles from her home, in a stranger’s bed, watching him smile contentedly in his sleep. Rory was a knight in Kevlor armor who parachuted into her life on a new moon. The shadow of a wild thing had been in the bed with them driving up the level of passion to an exploding volcanic lava flow. The heat of his man-hood pounding into her burned her belly. Her lower regions had never felt so full.

*        *        *

Brrrring … bbbbbrrriiiing….brinnng

       “...yes,” Mandy croaked.
       “This is Mandy.”
       “Where’s Rory?”
       “It’s 4:22 in the morning,” Mandy answered, “who’s this?”
       "It’s Kelly! I need to talk to Him. NOW!”

---William James

image seeds of the story

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