Thursday, April 11, 2013

NaPoWriMo #11 (Rory's Story Cubes)

April 11

Ricky hated Kelly. He felt under Kelly’s dress and was repulsed by what he found.

On a Tuesday afternoon, while Kelly was in the front yard sun bathing in a pink frilly Victorian era Swimsuit, Ricky was plotting. He dug a three by six by six foot deep hole in an adjacent lot with a pick ax and shovel. Kelly should have been able to hear the racket, but was wearing a special pair of noise canceling headphones Ricky had given as a gift after they had gone to Marny’s Drive In for the seventh time to see "Attack of the Venus Saucer."

Ricky’s plan to murder Kelly would have worked perfectly if Ellen’s five rambunctious children hadn’t been out in the street playing dodge ball with George’s band of six merry kids.

George was an inventor working on building an anti-gravity propulsion system he planned to install in a saucer shaped vehicle when the unthinkable occurred.

Monica, Ellen’s middle daughter, deflected a sidewinder threw by George Jr. The little red rubber ball hit the back window of the mad scientist’s workshop and shattered the bullet proof glass. The thusly startled George fell backwards. As his hands and feet flailed about, George tripped the emergency release button to the Blue Matter containment field.

Blue Matter, the renowned fringe physicist Dick Hardigan discovered, had a curious property of pulling streams of electrons out of the sky. Properly harnessed, a Blue Matter power plant provided the necessary energy to power the side-stream magnetics in the anti-gravity machine.

George was out on a limb now. Hanging precariously over the abyss, he was desperately hoping that Dick Hardigan’s theories were as pseudo as mainstream science labeled them when the first bolt of lightning struck.

Providentially, no one was injured and most of the houses in the neighborhood were spared the doom that befell Ricky’s residence. Ricky was a frugal man who purchased quaint house with a large lawn under the State of Florida’s electrical power transmission lines. In the thirty seconds it took George to reestablish power to the Blue Matter containment field, fifty bolts lanced down from the clouds. Ricky’s house and all his trees and privacy fences were shredded into confetti.

When emergency crews arrived they found a shell shocked Ricky cowering in the grave he had dug in his yard muttering something about Kelly being an alien, punishment, and the justice of the gods carried out today.

A few days later when the authorities were conducting a thorough investigation as to the cause of the mysterious electrical storm, George simply coughed and mentioned an alleged UFO sighting.

---William James

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