Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NaPoWriMo #10 (Rory's Story Cubes)

April 10

The “We all need love,” scene from Cinderella 2000 flowed through Robert’s mind as he slipped his woman-maker into Kelly’s secret.

Kelly was euphoric. Each time Robert rammed into Kelly’s tight doughnut hole, Cinderella danced and sang Rodgers & Hammerstein's, “In My Own Little Corner.”

No longer did Kelly feel like a gruesome freak to be pointed and jeered at.

*        *        *

High school was hard on Kelly. Kelly cried each and every time a peer sneered at a body that didn’t conform to the standard. Kelly just wanted to escape into a dark hole. Kelly wanted to steal that inner black-box and bury it in a remote place. Kelly wanted to take a U-turn and be captured like a beautiful butterfly in a net to be examined by a Prince like Rory.

*        *        *

But Rory seemed to be elsewhere as far as his heart was concerned.

---William James

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