Saturday, March 30, 2013

NaPoWriMo # -1 (semi-found)

I Saw You

I was the girl with the angry birds t-shirt. You were the girl tussling with crutches.
We were on a #4 bus to downtown Vancouver. I was too shy to talk to you.
I handed you a note. In it I said, “Something precious radiates from your eyes. I feel enthralled to sit in your presence. I am a different kind of person. And I sense that you are too. That we share a kinship in this strange alien world.”
I should have gotten over you by now. It was last summer that we looked into each other’s eyes. That when you locked your eyes into mine it connected us to an alternate reality where we could be one body housing two co-mingling souls.
Please, if you happen to chance across this ad, and you are not creeped out, write me back my dear sweet friend. And let us shine our alien lights into this world so that we can find our way home, together.
I am lonely without you.

Did you happen to see me?

---William James
                          Source: CL Missed Connections, March 2013

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