Friday, March 29, 2013

Guest Author: Samuel Ortiz (Episode 1)



On January 1, 1780 on port USOA a person saw a thing floating in the sky. "Oh oh," he said. He was the person looking on 12 the person on 9 asked, "What happened?"

"There's something floating in the sky." he replied. "There's three things it could be: 1) it could drop bombs; 2) it could be people that want help; and 3) it could be people coming to our country," Mr. 12 speculated. Before he could say something else, Mr. 9 said, "I'm confused, let’s ask the police and Turbo 1 about it."

Then, when they were in the city they told Turbo 1 and Turbo 1 went to the police and they said, "Why don't we go to the secret treasure chest and see what it is." So they went there and saw it was coming to their country.

Then they told the whole country to make a circle and then told Wrong Direction (which is like One Direction) to sing the National Anthem but only the verse because they were geting closer then they sang the Republic Song after all that the strangers in the plane came out of the plane politely everyone said hi to the people. The president's name was Mr. Huge and the whole town said things of their country and all the strangers said was "nice, nice, nice, very nice, nice," and when they talked about the war he said, "not nice not nice very not nice."

---By Samuel Ortiz. Edited by Ivanna Ortiz

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