Sunday, February 24, 2013

LoPoWriMo #24 (The Game Is On)

The Game Is On

“Let’s play doctor,” Jorgay said on the phone.

“I am at work,” Mary said.

“I got a friend who wants to play too,” Jorgay whispered.

Jorgay wanted an adventure. He was eager for it. He was tired of the same old thing week in week out. Mary had been talking between the sheets about licking another woman’s clam since they started dating when they were seniors. Jorgay was hesitant about sharing his woman with anyone, but in the last few years cracks were starting to form around his moral resolve. He had been fantasying about a coworker at school. She was fresh out of college and she still had a girly body. That was something he missed about Mary. Her girly body had been replaced with a mother’s body that had given birth to ten children.

“Did you ask the school supervisor,” Mary inquired?

“Yes,” Jorgay said!

Mary struggled to say no, but a wetness began to grow between her legs till she felt a squishy sensation. She had felt this once before. She never told Jorgay that her first sexual encounter was with a volleyball teammate when she was a junior. Their affair was brief, but intense. Juliet couldn’t deal with the thought of being a lesbian or even a bi-sexual. Jorgay’s supervisor reminded her of Juliet.

“You’d better bring those pills Jorgay. I’ll be the scissors.”

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