Friday, February 22, 2013

LoPoWriMo #22

Love is a Plot

It is a plan within a plan to maneuver something away from someone else who wouldn't, under normal circumstances, give it to them even if they asked nicely.

Politicians can't tell the truth as to why a nation needs to go to war. And if they did, the people wouldn't go for it. They would rise up against their leaders and string them up into trees on ropes for their crimes against creation. So, to get one nation to rise up against another they need a pleasent sounding ruse.

Many individuals express their marital love with back handed compliments on a battlefield. They slap each other silly till they knock off all the points and rough edges that stand between themselves and total union (which in some instances could be interpreted as total annihilation).

In the theater of war, "I want to kill you," is the same as saying, "can I slip my manhood into your vajayjay?"

And when your partner dies from that bullet you shot into her from your assault rifle, she will say, in her dying breath, "your seed has filled me and now we have conceived a child from this love!"

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