Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Children by Afzal Moolla

A Celebration of Apathy.

Cellophane smiles devoid of feeling,
Saccharine laughs hollow and tinny,
Frigid words wrapped in rich syrup,
Cashmere shawls thrown over sleek shoulders,
Beluga spread on lightly buttered toast,
Champagne kisses stripped of passion,
Happy days and feast-filled evenings,
Devouring canap├ęs, sipping Martinis,
Empty banter seducing thoughtless puppets,
Opinions flung around like soiled underwear,
Vacations planned while on vacation,
Lush parties,
Inebriated soulless cadavers cackling,
As flesh and blue-chip options are traded,
Lipstick imprints on fine cut-glass,
Silk suits barely concealing hard-ons.

Screwing, fucking, laughing, posing,
Pretty people in designer camouflage,
Blind to a billion naked children,
Deaf by design to tired cries,
Mouths unable to whimper,
Stuffed with Kobe beef,
Consciences guillotined,
Screwing, fucking, laughing, posing,
As God looks down benevolently.

Filling mosques, temples, synagogues,
Stuffed into churches, coffee-shops, delis,
Praying on bended knee for absolution,
imploring a higher power to deliver,
Yet more Kobe beef,
Beluga Caviar,
Cashmere shawls,
Silk suits,

So that the screwing, fucking, laughing, posing,
Remain wrapped in cellophane smiles,

So that the saccharine laughs never cease,
While apathy secures yet another 100 year lease.

Copyright © 2012 by Afzal Moolla

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