Tuesday, April 10, 2012

National Disasterpiece Month --- Number 10


Recombinant Disjointed Facebook Comments

This day is automatically a success. I just joined the video chat room of strange visitors. Some dolphin-free tuna women had a hassle with a sweat lodge. Walt Whitman was watching nearby in a dark wood. You don't even wanna know how many Girl Scout cookies I just ate. Wow, my aunt went through the same thing when she was in college and it really pissed her off. How could a $50 blade produce such a crappy cut? Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. Be afraid, be very afraid. I wonder if having a small number of sadistic friends is a good thing? I actually goggled and emailed him about manic episodes with bipolar disorder. Hey do you want to go get some Pho tomorrow?

In a celebration of love and an act of giving and letting go, Laura has a guitar, a balcony and a bottle of white wine calling her name. I just got a wild hair up my arse and totally crack cleaned my house and then I went outside in this beautiful weather and cleaned out my pickup and my flower beds. I can't wait. Yes, they took me to an abandoned octopus circus. A fox is in the hen house. And here we sit with the absence of lizards and heat. I devoured one with a glass of wine. I think I am just watching things to make myself more depressed.

This one kept me up until midnight Saturday night... Seems like I need a lot of fight and revenge stuff to clear my inner system. With it, a single growl rumbled from my chest. It was the one and only thought that began to run deep within my mind’s eye. "Illumine and hallow your hearts; let them not be profaned by the thorns of hate or the thistles of malice." I saw a young girl I once knew getting on the school bus - with her brother and sis. Friends of mine who make me feel beautiful live far away, a passionate kiss, a warm hug, my Grandma Doris, and sunsets. Good lord, are those gallstones Jesus Christ?

Is this the road we want to travel? I don't know how much longer I can take these bus-related let-downs and lies. The Imperial Empire definitely speaks to me. If you don't do what you do, how can you be who you are? People like you deserve to be alone.

---William James


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