Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random Poetry Found While Packing -- 10


I was cast into the deep
Enveloped by the heart of the sea
Breakers and billows swirled
Passed over my head

The abyss poisoned my life
Seaweed clung to my ears
I disappeared from your sight
Will I ever gaze on you again?

Down, down, down I fell
Past the roots of the mountain
Spinning through the gates of hell
the bars clanged shut behind

I remembered when my soul despaired
I sang out the unnamed name
I cried hot tears of shame
you came and embraced my heart

Chorus 1

Take my hand, I'll lead you
'Cross the sea to a new land

Chorus 2

Down, down, down I fell
To the gates of hell

I found this song in a journal on 8/16/11 while I was packing up my Seattle apartment. These lyrics are dated to the fall of 2007. It was the second song I ever wrote with words and everything. The guitar was tuned to an open Dm7 chord and capo-ed to the 5th or 7th fret.

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