Saturday, October 8, 2011

Random Poetry Found While Packing -- 7: Fortune Cookies

Here's what fate had to say about my life:

You are a person of culture.
You are kind-hearted and hospitable and well-liked.
You are never bitter, deceptive, or petty.
A modest many (fortune cookie typo) never talks of himself.
Your partner will [never] be proud of you.
Idleness is the holiday of fools.

You will try something new.
An investment in enthusiasm ought to start paying off
Relax and concentrate on your future career plans
Now is the time to set your sights high and "go for it!"
Be particular about meeting all obligations.
Areas of communication may be very busy at present.

The current year will bring you great happiness.
You have handled your responsibilities competently.
Someone will look to you for help and advice (that's never happened).
Keep your plans secret for now (nothing going on).
You will travel far and wide for both business and pleasure.
Remember to share good fortune [as well as your bad fortune with your friends].

Watch for reasonable added business potentials.
You will live a long and happy life
Be a little more cautious this month
You love Chinese food.
The truly creative mind is now open [for] inspiration [and for business].

---Written on October 6, 2004. The poem was found (on 8/23/11) in a Journal of other peoples poems I used when I busked poetry at Pike's Market in the Summer & Fall of 2004

---This disastrous poem was assembled October 6, 2004, after I ate an entire bag of Ginger Flavored fortune cookies. I most likely ate and assembled this piece on the job at Your2Feet. Where many poets, steal time from their employers and, compose their best this case...there worst too.

I read it at Homeland and Mr. Spots Chai House in Ballard. Mr. Spots is now just an empty hole in the ground. Homeland gathered, bi-weekly, at OnThe House, which is now an ice cream parlor called the Bluebird. Back then, OnThe House was an amazing project. It was a community living room run by a Nazarene couple, Benji & Abby. A few years later, when Benji was awarded a reverend license everything changed. OhThe House was reorganized into Church of the Undignified.

Benji and Abby always held a place of fondness in my heart, because they graduated from the same college in Idaho that my mother did. The world even got smaller than this. Abby's best friends' father was in my mothers' class at NNC now NNU.

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