Friday, October 7, 2011

Carla Blaschka's Addendum to Write At The Park


Time for the Ordinary

What can we do once we are ordinary?
Can you save the world being ordinary or is being ordinary a problem?
Corazon Aquino was an ordinary housewife who changed the world,
In a peaceful way
In a non-violent way
and toppled the might of the American-backed Marcos regime
Mother Teresa an ordinary nun, just a woman
Oscar Romero an ordinary cleric, just a man
The Beatles an ordinary band, just musicians
An ordinary office worker stopped the tanks in Tiananmen Square and changed all of China
An ordinary woman changed the rules about sexual harassment in the American workplace, by accident
just trying to embarrass a Supreme Court nominee
We don't need the extraordinary everyday
We need moms and dads, teachers and technicians, people who work and people who play
Pearl divers and trash removers
We need ordinary people doing ordinary things everyday
like being a carpenter
To make the world an extraordinary place
Where ordinary turns extraordinary in its own time, its own place, its own season

---By Carla Blaschka, 10/1/11


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