Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6-Word Writing Experiment Completed


A Collectively Composed 6-Word Sestina

I’ve traveled along the roots of life from horizontal walks to core depths
My face is the image for the backdrop of despair
My head was never a compass--- my heart was the guide
While stuck in a worldview of a dreamer searching passion to renew
---stacks of steel beyond this guarded heart of armor
So that one day my mind stops living on a prayer of resurrection

The Lotus was mostly brown, too late to resurrect
it from Death which grasped from the depths
of its black heart seeking the only form of Armor
that it knew even though its touch was despair
and the life-force it sought to restore and renew
the Lotus was its raison d’etre if not its guide.

Accept Amor to be your guide
to when the passions resurrect
and soap-bubble thoughts renew
run unencumbered in the depths
to combat a bleak despair
from satan's black armory

A man riffled through chips in his pockets like grizzly implements in an armory
he mumbled on about an extraterrestrial phenomenological guide
he met, playing slots, in the rapid riches room that demonstrated the meaning of despair.
He said, that no wheel, no matter how lucky, could resurrect
your sanity after, on the number 3, you placed a deep-
blue marker. Won money will never satisfy your need for spiritual renewal.

I am the one whose memories renew
the past. Wearing armor,
I sink into the depth
of a forgotten time, guided
to my former self who resurrects
the wings of despair.

The heel of this despair
presses down, as if to renew
through weight and gravity, to resurrect
what cannot be protected by heavy clanging armor.
By revealing its burden, it is a guide:
illuminating its darkness, shielding us from its own depths.

Avaunt despair, with amor’s armor
This will renew the facilities to guide
Oneself where hope does resurrect to pull life from the inky depths


Sextet one was written by Tera McIntosh, sextet two was written by Purple Mark, sextet three was written by Don Comfort, Sextet four was written by William James, sextet five was written by Caroline Albert, and sextet six was written by Janine DeWitt (a friend of Tera's). The three line envoy was composed by Don Comfort and myself.

The words: depths, despair, guide, renew, armor, and resurrect were submitted to 6-Words by the Reverend D Carlson--- the pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Willamina, Oregon ---on July 23, 2011. Thank you Rev-Debra for submitting these six rich words!

And thanks everyone for your participation. Many more of these experiments are possible on Pen Head Press!

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