Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Write in the Park Exercise---Philip's Push-Up

Inside 120 seconds

Inside 120 seconds
like unto silk scarfs kissed by frenchmen
black gold a whizz buzz fuzzes
spitting saliva of wretched objections towards
a groaning grand mason of illness
poised resting on dew begemed grass
where No dramas of Japanese blossoms aren't.
Hidden in the shadows
I await thee Pan lord of words
under a raincloud ready for gloom instrument
for banishing mr blue sky
photons of raging hydrogen rays signal
Apollo's attempt to sway me
by tattooing angst in red upon my exposed neck
his jealousy I ignore
My lord for thy favor.
My orifices of round contemplation
observe carefully clipped
bits of time and place
windows into elsewhere
shoplifted out of magazines
brought home from dental palaces of tooth decay
with words like unto
metals, wreath, furniture, odyssey, crafts,
fisher forge etc, etc,
etched in Raven caws
on their obese backsides
of squaredom.
before this being who was I
in a torn away patch of emerald
on the sodden grave
of planetary crust,
rests gently near
my drink of lemons
one crumpled end
of a tobacco users afterthought;
It awaits the finality
of human civilization
and the time of insects and worms.
Top of Form
Bottom of Form

---Philip V Bernier-Smith September 10, 2010

Prompts were the word Hospital, a picture picked at random, mine was of a red boat dock with white framed windows and fishnets, with the words frame on it also there were fishing boats and nets in the background. On the backside was a picture of a green wreath. and a number of words for different places to visit which I used. The object was to describe the word rather than use the words some of which I did, some of which I punted. Words and images were Hospital, pipe-stem creek, metals, wreath, furniture, odyssey bulbs, crafts, fisher forge, plants, studio, Hinkle chair, red building, fishing boats, framing, white windows. I was sitting in damp grass in the shade with my black umbrella.

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