Wednesday, September 28, 2011

@Tmacn21 Your 2-Lines Get One More!


Roll up those intellectual sleeves I say
The silky wreaths on effete wrists
A kinder gentler compulsory way
Enforced by more than tolerant fists
Flashing pictures filled my mind
A crucifix attacked by art
All for one offered to all
In groves of pulsing neon sign
Flex the muscles of a heart
Hung suspended on the wall

---by Don Comfort, 9/28/2011

Don comfort is an old friend I met at a writers group in 2003. It met and still meets at the Coffee Cottage in Newberg, Oregon.


Also check out my new wordpress website. It's a literary journal called Randomly Accessed Poetics! Submissions are open. We've also recently published our first e-literary mag. It is available for $1.99 at It is called: Randomly Accessed Poetics, Issue 1: The Texture of Words.

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