Wednesday, September 28, 2011

@Tmacn21 Gets More Than One Piece


You are Love

Roll up your tolerant sleeves and show your intellectual fists…flex the muscles of your mind. Open your mind and heart to the Higher Power within you. Meditate and be still. Listen for the silence in your Heart. Look inside to know your Soul and be open to the knowledge the One is here to teach you. Inside there is no judgment, no violence, no pain, no prejudice. All that exists is love. You are love.

As you meditate in silence reflect upon the friendships and relationships in your life. Take this moment and send love to all those who have touched you. Give it to all those who hung pictures of you on the walls of your heart. Give it to those who made you shine and glow not only in your heart but your soul as well. Give it to those who took those pictures knowing you are imperfect and quirky yet made you a King or a Queen. Look on the walls of your heart and see how they all saw you. See and believe you are loveable, worthy, unique, and perfect just the way you are.

By Sharon Meixsell, 09/27/2011

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