Saturday, September 3, 2011

Purple Mark continues (where I left off with) the writing in the park series

A Kiss Is Close At Hand

A Kiss is close at hand is what the Fortune indicated,
Yet was this Kiss an actuality or just a Wish?
He had to think about it for awhile,
It had been so long since he had shared one.

His last Lover had told him:“You are dangerous
Cause you are Honest. You are dangerous cause
You do not know what you want.”That was too True,
he was split between Desire and not Desiring.

It was a curious state of being to Want
Yet avoid the attachments of Wanting.
Was he a Narcissist because of this?
He did not think so, but from the outside it might appear that way.

He did well with others, but chose to keep them
At a arms length perhaps to save his Heart
From the inevitable pains of Heartache.
So, maybe the Kiss meant that once again,

He would open himself up to the Possibility
Of another in his closed existence.
He thought about it as a collection of Sentiments
Just as sleep leaves a dusting of sand in the eye.

---Purple Mark 09/03/11

Prompts: Fortune: A kiss is close to hand.
Card from Love Is God Tarot deck: Think about it for awhile.
Lyrics: You are dangerous cause you are honest. You are dangerous cause you do not know what you want - U2’Who is gonna ride your wild horses.’
From the Dictionary of the Khazars pg. 9: Just as sleep leaves a dusting of sand in the eye.

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