Friday, September 2, 2011

Completed Publicly Constructed Sestina


At Yid’s market Za’er bought a half dead cow
As Za’er opened up Is'eem's gothic toy box
to crack a fortune out of a cookie, Is'eem, a mystic seer
gave Za’er a stern warning about the practice of doting
on strangers. As Za’er drove down Turnbuckle Road
she thought about George the bull being chased by Charlie, her big black lab

Yesterday, there was this funny incident that happened at the bovine laboratory
Cassiopeia, a narcoleptic mucker, fell asleep on the job and the cows
escaped. All thirty of them were found wandering down the road
Milky, the prize milker got hit by a tractor and was put in a refrigerator box
by Mo Ron the trucker. Cassiopeia felt so guilty she doted
on Milky until she was so exhausted she received a vision like Nostrum the Seer

Her boss, who nodded sympathetically while sensing the problem by a pc seer,
said this was not a job she signed up for at the laboratory.
As much as he understood the nature of bovines she doted
on, a cow is after all just a cow.
After sending her home, he removed Bessy (because Milky sucks) from the box,
and loaded her on the butcher's truck and waved it down the road.

Is’eem lived at the end of the street, ten miles down a very bad Road,
only the truly desperate would employ her services as a Seer.
Her other job was teaching the cows to box.
A big company wanted her expertise to help them in their Lab,
But she liked her spread, but her cows
were like her children on whom she loved to dote.

Do you remember what it meant to be a doter
a hitchhiker wandering down stray desert road
leading on a long chain a string of mad cows.
If you went to the psyche seer
She flipped a card that sent you to the lab
that’s not the worst of it she said reading from the Wheaties box.

The dust, noxious and aggressive, seeped out of the truck's gearbox.
It was foolish for him to shun the engine and always on the lacquer dote.
The cabin was up a nearby hillock, atop which perched a federal lab.
But this was not a healthy sylvan road
Tight-lid skies had turned it harsh and it was hard to see the seer.
The machine faltered, spluttered and then died. The driver Jack Ennui climbed through the heat, his secretary's nagging hit his ears; she'd been right, it was no ordinary cow

At the lab Za’er found the missing computer in the cereal box
It was the good stuff they fed the cows the secretary doted
Over. After a long drive down the road they eventual found Bessy the bovine seer.

After 222 days the publicly constructed sestina is now complete. The final six line stanza was added by Purple Mark. Other contributors were Carla Blaschka, a visitor from New Zealand or Australia, an anonymous person, and myself. Thank you all for your contributions!

This was Fun.

What shall our next one be?

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