Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sabbath Scrabble Poetry Revival

Clever Carla in action


Early squads of
tax minks
seize and rend
kegs of beet beer.
Nine floor to roof
long lamps jam wider,
vex me.
I tug hat.
Clang, ting
a pied VIP owns
bad flora,
thus airs vice.

--Weird Carla, 8/13/2011

I think Carla's scrabble poem is on par if not better than a scrabble poem written by Elise the first time I played last September. I wish I could have thought to do that. String the words together, individually, so that they form a story. Clever Carla! If you want to see for yourself, make a comparison, the name of the post is "Ode to Pad Scrabble Poetry."

Flora was vexed by her taxes; she drank nine beers rendered from beets in wide mouthed jars.

Ting was on Flora’s roof when a squad of nine beet sized bees stung him.
Qat wore a beet colored hat that once was Ting's mink skin lamp shade.
Tug couldn’t help putting on airs when he ate beets at Qat’s house; he tinned taxing stories about being on E.D. vice squad.
Clang rendered nine beets into yuck on Tugs long floor.
Ting like to Jam with Clang early every Sunday morning while beet beer filtered into badly sized kegs.
Flora treated Ting like a V.I.P. in his squad car by giving him a tin of her beet jam pie.
--Wild Bill, 8/13/2011

Scrabble Words in order played:

wide, sized, bee, wider, vice, roof, flora, vex, thus, tax, tin, tug, qat, rend, squad, long, airs / squads, early, nine, bad, ba / ed / beer, pied, clang, vip, floor, yuck, beat / to, owns, lamps, jam, kegs, hat, mink, or, me

Carla: 244
Bill: 272

Feel free to write your own scrabble poem or story from the words generated.

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